Posted by Michelle Stefan on Jun 14, 2013

DC | Luna Dewan | 14th Jun 2013


Bengaluru: Though the Karnataka Government claims to have achieved 100% blood donation in the State, awareness on voluntary blood donation remains low. Only about 60-65% of blood donation is happens through voluntary donors. The situation in North Karnataka is even worse. On an average, city-based blood banks are supplying about 20,000 units of blood every month to North Karnataka districts

Dr D. Rajashekarappa, Chief Medical Officer, Karnataka Red Cross Blood Bank said, “As of now, many IT companies and colleges in Bengaluru are conducting voluntary blood donation camps. About 60-65% of the blood of our collection is through donation. Awareness on voluntary blood donation needs to be created among the general public especially in districts in Northern Karnataka so that we can achieve blood sufficiency in the state for supplying as and when required.”

Every month, on an average, we collect about 50,000 units of blood through various blood camps in Bengaluru, and out of this, we supply about 20,000 units to various districts in North Karnataka. Our supplies go as far as Bidar, which is about 900 km away from the city. Hospitals need to tie up with blood banks and more public sectors should also come forward,” he added.

However, voluntary blo­od donations in larger citi­es like Bengaluru and Mysore and bigger hospitals have shown relative improvement. The more remote districts of North Karnataka, private hospitals in the city and without and small blood banks still require awareness.

Getti­ng the right blood group in times of need is always a problem. Dr Lata Jagan­n­ath, Medical Director and Managing Trustee, Rotary TTK Blood Bank said, “Though there is a centralised blood policy for blood collection centers in the State as well as at the Centre, proper implementation is a major problem faced by blood banks. Sma­ller blood banks are don’t receive sufficient don­a­ti­on.”

Yet another cause of worry for the State is the misuse of donors’ blood by various organisations. Mea­n­while, Dr Rajashe­kar­appa further stated that in order to increase voluntary blood donation in Koppal and Yadgir districts, Karnataka Red Cross Blood Bank is starting up a blood bank with the help of the State Government in another six months