Posted by Daniel Long on Dec 16, 2018
At this time of the Rotary year 2018 - 2019, it is great to see how much good work the GNBD is doing all over the world.
At the Rotary International Convention 2019, we will elect our 2019 - 2021 GNBD officers, that will keep out good work
going for the next two Rotary Years - If you have NOT replied to one of my last two requests to let the board know that
you are willing (or not) to be an ACTIVE member, PLEASE reply as soon as you can.
May this time of the year, be a great time with your family & friends, may the blessings of your GOD look over you and
your work, and in your life.
GNBD President 2017 - 2019
Daniel K. Long, Sr.