Chandanagar: The Rotary club of Hyderabad on Sunday organized blood camp at Chandanagar to support and save the lives of children suffering from Thalassaemia. More than 45 people donated blood including three women.
Gurpal Singh, organizer of the blood donation camp said, “I have been doing these blood donation camps from more than 15 years. Earlier, we used to donate in Jamshedpur. After shifting to Hyderabad we started organizing camps here at Chandanagar. Every three months we donate blood to the children. In Hyderabad this is for the first time we are conducting the blood donation camp now we will continue it regularly for every three months”.
When the patient is suffering from thalassaemia they need blood for every 15 to 20 days and in Hyderabad there are 2,500 children suffering from thalassaemia. After collecting the blood we submit it to the thalassaemia blood bank. Minimum of 30 to 40 donors needed for the camp every three months.  Blossom International school is also inspired by the blood donation camp today happened at Chandanagar and would like to organize the blood donation camps in the schools as well.